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Executive Public Speaking Coaching

Craft your compelling message

Whether you’re working on a specific presentation, or you want to hone your communication skills, Karen guarantees that Speak For Yourself® public speaking coaching will help you become a more confident, articulate, and comfortable communicator.

Establish trust with your buyer

Speak For Yourself® public speaking coaching will give you or your team useable strategies to make even more connections, build deeper relationships, and strengthen presentation skills.

Boost your profitability

Learn how to speak for yourself so that you will win your sales pitch, get promoted, grow your network, facilitate even better zoom meetings, and enhance your executive presence. Your “relationship capital” will increase your “financial capital”.

Not throw up during your million dollar presentation

Karen has critiqued 6000+ presentations over the past 30 years. Stage fright has been The Number One issue. After working with Karen you’ll say, “I can do this.” And she’s worked with lawyers, dentists, IT professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, kids, accountants, business owners, other professional speakers, photographers, and one billionaire.

What you’ll gain with personalized executive level communication/presentation skills coaching:

  • Customized evaluation and tweaking of your content, organization, and delivery of your material
  • Videos of you with a Speak for Yourself® critique to enhance your communication skills
  • Presentation – Communication skills manual with valuable, useable tips to move you to the next level, along with Karen’s book, The Naked Truth about Giving Great Speeches
  • Detailed review of your visuals, if you use PowerPoint, to improve clarity, organization, and retention for the listener. You do NOT want ‘death by PowerPoint’!
  • An improved and more predictable way to begin and end your presentations – in a speech, at a meeting, in an interview
  • Ways to have more fun and energy as a communicator along with having your listeners retain more of what you’ve said
  • Pre and post follow-up discussion by phone or email and conversations throughout the process

How your personalized Speak For Yourself® (SFY) executive communication/presentation skills consulting process works:

  • Karen, or an SFY Associate hand selected for you, will talk to you before the consulting begins — and you can fill out the downloadable Client Coaching Questionnaire (pdf).
  • Together both will see if this is a good match for a collaborative effort. Once there is a mutual agreement, the process begins.
  • The time spent together will be separated into periodic 2-hour sessions. The number of sessions depends on the project. A typical Speak For Yourself® Project is 6 sessions over 6 months.
  • Consulting can be done virtually whether clients live in the Dallas metroplex or anywhere else. Our Zoom Link: zoom.us/my/meeting.with.karen.
  • SFY is also available to do on-site coaching and critiquing of presentations, sales pitches, job proposals, etc.
  • Honest insights will be given in a non-threatening trusting environment throughout.
  • Speak For Yourself® and client will treat all non-public written and oral information provided by the other as confidential and will not use such information unless the disclosing party receives the prior written consent of the other.
  • Clients will receive a signed copy of Karen’s books, The Naked Truth about Giving Great Speeches and The Naked Truth about Selling, a Speak For Yourself® Workbook (that will never end up in your favorite file cabinet that’s rectangular and resides on your office floor), and a business-sized summary card.

With your coaching I felt like a million bucks and I had a much  better opening and closing.

Jim Boso, Division President, USA Mobility

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