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Dress codes, United Airlines & “What do You Wear When You Give a Presentation?”

by | Mar 28, 2017

This hoopla over the two teenage girls NOT able to fly on United Airlines due to their leggings has engaged, enraged and enlightened us on a few issues.

1. Some people fly “non – rev” meaning non-revenue meaning for free! Who knew?

2. If you fly as a guest on this airline they have a dress code aka as rules.

3. If you like flying for free (I’d love this perk) then you follow the guidelines. Period.

4. Sometimes I wear leggings when I travel. They’re comfortable and cute. There’s nothing wrong with this “look” UNLESS you’re breaking the specific rules and then you get to disembark the plane before going anywhere.

What this tiny drama brings to mind are the more subtle “rules” of what to wear when you’re working. Here are several guidelines for your next trip to the lectern:

1. Dress one notch more formally than your audience. Why? As United Airlines said as they defended their rules: Respect. Show your audience that you respect them.

2. Wear something you feel good in. It’s one way to curb performance anxiety. For example – wear your favorite color – a power tie for men, or a great accent piece for women. Women – you no longer need to wear the “monochromatic power suit” or even a jacket/blazer. Look at news reporters for a current read on presentation attire.

3. Have an outfit that you’re comfortable in. Please don’t “futz” with your clothes. (Futz is my word for fiddle with, like pulling the skirt down all the time, rearranging the sleeve length repeatedly, keeping a loose jacket closed in the front so you’re acting like a human ‘hook and eye’.)

4. Take a selfie before your gig. Does it look good on camera?

Today’s lectern dress code has relaxed. I’ve seen celebrity speakers in jeans and t-shirts. OK – they’re very well known. For the rest of us – dress in a way that makes you feel great and is appropriate for your crowd.

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