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7 Speak For Yourself® Tips on Creating Relationship Capital

by | Mar 7, 2017

You are the CEO of your business, whether you are the business owner or you’re part of the executive team, or you’re a solopreneur.

Your financial capital will increase if you have high relationship capital.

Q: What is relationship capital?

A: The intangible capital that can be an asset or a liability depending on your relationships with customers, community, and partners.

Q: How do you maintain high relationship capital?

A: It’s all in how you communicate.

Here are 7 Speak For Yourself® tips on creating relationship capital.

  1. Create connections with your colleagues. Take a stakeholder or someone you’d like to know better to lunch periodically.
  2. Share your knowledge with gravitas. Don’t “hold court” blasting others with how great you are.
  3. Join professional associations that will further your career. You’ll gain relationships and referrals.
  4. Volunteer and give back. I’ve learned so much about communicating from visiting members of my synagogue who are in the hospital.
  5. Listen more than you speak.
  6. Maintain a positive social media reputation.
  7. Use stories in your conversations. Inevitably people will ask you about your family when you’re at a conference or networking event. Instead of doing a data dump (“Precious is now 11 years old and is in 6th grade”) tell us a crazy funny story about Precious.

High relationship capital will increase your bottom line and create richer relationships along the way.

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© Karen Cortell Reisman, M.S., author of 3 books and President of Speak For Yourself®, works with decision makers on how to speak with gravitas. It’s all in how you speak for yourself. Karen also speaks about her cousin, Albert Einstein, in a message about hope, resilience and brassieres.

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