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Communication – A Critical Tool for Your Health & Your Business

by | Jan 24, 2017

The Study: In 2014 researchers studied the role of communication when treating chronic pack pain. Half the patients received mild electrical stimulation. The other half received a placebo treatment.

The study gets more interesting — each group was subdivided in half. One half received limited conversation with the physical therapist. The other half was paired with a physical therapist “who asked open-ended questions and listened attentively to the answers. They expressed empathy about the patients’ situation and offered words of encouragement about getting better.”

The Result: The best outcome – patients who got the real electric bone stimulation from the engaged physical therapists. The second best outcome: Patients who received the sham treatment but had the engaged physical therapist. This group did better than the group who got the real treatment but limited engagement with the physical therapist.

The Epiphany: “A substantial portion of ‘healing’ comes from the communication and connection with the patient.”

Relevance to YOU: Similarly, communication has a profound impact on your business success. Listening attentively, being empathetic, asking open-ended questions, and providing encouragement will improve your relationships with your clients, your team(s), your negotiations, your interviews, and your prospective business opportunities.

Source: New York Times, “The Conversation Placebo”, by Danielle Ofri, Sunday Review 1.19.17

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