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Communication 2020 & the 72nd Emmy Awards Show

by | Sep 22, 2020

3 Lessons about conversing in our virtual world …

First SFY® (Speak For Yourself®) Communication 2020 Emmy Award goes to: Audience Recognition

Jimmy Kimmel, the host, strikes the appropriate tone to match these troubled times. “What’s happening tonight is not important. It’s not going to stop COVID it’s not going to put out the fires, but it’s fun. And right now we need fun.”

Translation for you – Address any elephants in your boardroom, zoom room, or social room. Don’t have a ‘Titanic Moment’. Understand the tone, mood, pulse of your audience … or you’ll sink.

Second SFY® Communication Emmy Award goes to: Technology

Producers send nominees kits that include high-resolution cameras, ring lights, laptops and microphones. The goal — high-quality images and sound. “We’re not making the Zoomies; we’re making the Emmys,” says executive producer Reginald Hudlin.

Translation for you – Communication 2020 requires more than just you. You now need an external mic (we use the Blue Yeti), external web cam (we use the 1080P Logitech), and a ring light (we use the 8” LED Selfie Ring with Tripod).

Third SFY® Communication Emmy Award goes to: Professionalism

Executive producer Ian Stewart says, “Wherever possible, we are just going to go live, watching the wheel fall off and trying to put it back on and hope there’s enough wheels to keep the whole thing running.”

Lots of translation for you – I love Stewart’s humility here. What he’s not saying is the hard work and energy that precedes this live event. So – your take aways: Professionalism as a communicator in 2020 means staying humble, doing your homework, being prepared, staying present, and having a sense of humor.

The show comes together via more than 100 camera feeds around the world.
What are you doing to assure the same type of success? SFY® applauds you virtually.


Thank you to #VoraciousReader for sending me to these source interviews.


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