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Communicate with Confidence – How to Install Board Officers

by | Mar 15, 2022

Communicate with Confidence, How to do Board Installation Speeches

Karen Cortell Reisman installs Dr. Sarah Heuer as the new President at #AADP2022 Annual Conference

As leaders you join your professional associations. Soon enough you’ll find yourself on the board and within a few years you’ll become the Chair/President of your professional association.

I’ve worked with many of you on your installation speeches – what you say once the gavel gets handed to you.

But I’ve never coached you or been asked to be the person who gets to install you!

Until last week.

Thank you, Dr. Sarah Heuer, for asking me to install you as the incoming President of the American Academy of Dental Practice at your annual conference.

How to install board officers

Keep it short! By the time you install the president your association group has sat through many speeches! Your outgoing president talks, awardees accept awards, a luncheon speaker keynotes … lots can happen at these affairs. And after you install the board and/or the chair-president – this person gives a speech.

Use correct Parliamentary Protocol.  Feel free to use my words (below) as a model.

Be creative. You can add some humor or fun to this solemn occasion! Some ideas include:

  • Give candy bars like a “PayDay” chocolate bar and say, “You’ll gain so much in your leadership role but this is all I can pay you.”
  • Give flowers symbolizing growth.
  • Give books that align with the association’s theme.

When I was installed as President of the National Speakers Association – North Tx Chapter I received a spirit stick with the name of every prior president engraved on individual strips of ribbon. Very cool!

Installation Speech Example

“First – will Dr. Heuer’s family please come to the front and stand next to her.

Dr. Heuer – the office of President carries great responsibility, great opportunity to serve, and great rewards. You will continue the legacy of excellence AADP has sustained with grace, passion and commitment.

Will all the past AADP Presidents please stand at your tables as a sign of support and mentorship for your new president.

Sarah – please raise your right hand and repeat after me:

‘I _______ do solemnly swear to support and uphold the bylaws and mission statement of this Academy to the best of my ability as President of this organization. I promise to lead with a vision and make decisions that are in the best interests for the members of this Academy and those we service.’

Members of AADP, staff, teams and significant others… I present to you your new President of the American Academy of Dental Practice, Dr. Sarah Heuer.”

It’s a great honor to be asked to install officers. Use this blog as your guide.

Author: Karen Cortell Reisman is Founder of Speak For Yourself®, a communication consulting firm, and the author of 2 books on how to communicate. She lives in Dallas, Texas and would love to eat a PayDay Candy Bar right now.

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Source: thanks @RandyPennington for your installation notes.

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