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Who Will Benefit from 1:1 Communication Coaching?

  • CEOs who want to give a dynamic, memorable presentation to the board.
  • Business owners speaking about their inventions or services to a venture capitalist.
  • Lawyers giving continuing education to their satellite offices via webinar.
  • Doctors presenting to organizations on research findings.
  • Dentists presenting dental programs on a technical subject or practice management.
  • A sales group giving a proposal pitch – knowing they are one of 3 bids.
  • Applicants interviewing for that incredible new job.
  • Best-selling authors who are on speaking tours.
  • Corporations that want their employees to improve on giving presentations.
  • Anyone who wants to get promoted but knows this is an area of weakness.
  • Professional Speakers tweaking their Heart-Soul-Brain Keynote.
  • An honoree giving an acceptance speech.
  • Anyone who is asked to give a speech and begins to freak out just thinking about it, or just wants to make this presentation a fabulous experience for themselves and the audience.
  • A bereaved person giving an eulogy.
  • Parents speaking at their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or other event.

Karen’s theme for my keynote was brilliant 

Ron Drez, New York Times Best-Selling Author

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