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Bowling with my Board of Directors

by | Nov 6, 2013

Bowling with Gary, Russ, Kate, Chris, and Stu

Bowling with Gary, Russ, Kate, Chris, and Stu

One/third of the way through my year as President of the National Speakers Association – North Texas Chapter I decide to take my Board of Directors bowling. Yes, that’s bowling with a ball and a bunch of pins down the lane.

Maybe this adventure is a bribe. After all, the pay isn’t great in a volunteer organization.

Maybe this adventure evolves from a point of competition. Let’s see who can bowl the best.

Or maybe this adventure revolves around manipulation – getting this group to do more or less of whatever.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

My reasons: let’s have fun! Let’s enjoy each other’s company outside of a Board Meeting agenda or National Speakers Association function. Let’s get to know each other better. And, highest on my list, thank our team in a unique way for all that they do.

Before becoming president I asked prior presidents what made their respective year successful and what snakes bit them in the butt. Their answers for both questions: “people”.

Bowling with Stu, Russ and Max

Bowling with Stu, Russ and Max

For success – they say, “People. Pick the right people to do the right jobs and you’ll have a great board and a great year.”

For snakebites they say, “People. You’ll run into snags when people don’t do what they say they will do.”

My ball seems to find the gutter on Lane #7 at Bowl & Barrel pretty often, but our bowling outing is a blast!

The past presidents of our association are correct. It’s about “people”.

It’s getting along, respecting everyone’s time, moving the process forward, and recognizing/appreciating others whenever possible.

How do you know when you have a high score? You get the results you want while having a good time.

Thank you – to my Board of Directors – for going bowling with me. I hope our score continues to strengthen throughout this year.


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