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The Naked Truth about Giving Great Speeches

Do Your Presentations Leave You Feeling a Little Naked?

This book, like its companion publication, The Naked Truth about Selling, will not expose you to a tome of facts and theories. Karen has stripped your learning curve by offering the 22 biggest traps and the related fix-its that will benefit you regardless of how often you give presentations. First, you’ll see how you get stuck in a speaker trap. Then, you’ll learn how to fix it.

You’ll find your 22 fix-it principles divided into these C-O-D categories: Tips for substantive Content, memorable Organization, and energized Delivery.

You will learn how to:

  • Organize your message
  • Channel your nerves
  • Deliver your speech with confidence
  • Answer and field questions
  • Use visuals wisely
  • Expose assumptions
  • Write handouts
  • Handle impromptu remarks
  • and much more….

“Karen’s message is so important that we had her speak at 24 company programs nation-wide.”
Dick Nowack, President, Elk Corporation

“Powerful, concise, and practical tools that are useful to everyone who gives presentations.”
Elly Valas, co-author of Guerilla Retailing

“Karen Cortell Reisman brings clarity, humor, and expertise to her work. I definitely feel she can help all of us become better teachers, facilitators and presenters.”
Irwin M. Becker, D.D.S., Chairman, Dept. of Education, The Pankey Institute

“I am impressed with Karen’s ability to zero in on the key points of our message to enhance our uniqueness – in a memorable way.”
Lee Hansen, Vice President, The Staubach Company

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Format: Paperback, 90 pp.

ISBN: 0-9768110-0-6

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Publisher: Beach Press

Pub. Date: 2005

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Learn how to give a speech while you’re driving in your car! (1 hour)

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Every presenter should devour Karen’s book.

Duane Tinker,President/ CEO Dental Compliance Specialists LLC

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