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Best Way to Get Heard AND reduce stress

by | May 28, 2024

Make others laugh, and here’s how ➜

4 Places to find and use humor

1️⃣   Make aggravations your best friend. Stuff happens. Your flight cancels. Your SVP moves to another company. Your cappacinno is all milk and no caffeine. These irritating situations make great copy if you twist them into humorous anecdotes. (see Best Example Ever below)

2️⃣   Be self-deprecating. Share your foibles rather than your accolades. You become approachable and we’ll want to hear more from you.

3️⃣   Mine your own biggest mishaps. Humor = Tragedy + Time. It’s what you once cried about and now can laugh about. One time I stood up to give a speech and my skirt fell down. I cried then. I laugh now… and you laugh with me because I share this story with most audiences.

4️⃣  Look for the funny stuff. (see pic!)

Best Humor Example Ever

Our family was taking my sister, Nina, to the University of Texas in Austin to begin her college experience. My dad, Walter Cortell, wrote this letter after our stay at a nearby hotel.

August, 1970


Become a charioteer at the Chariot Inn in Austin, Texas.


To make your stay more enjoyable the management provides many unique features. Amongst them are the following:


  • Automatically collapsing Spanish curtain which separates the washstand from the bed room, thus forestalling false pruderie and promoting a sense of togetherness.
  • Table lamp which goes out at the gentle tap of a knuckle. No fussing with old-fashioned switches.
  • Airconditioned blanket. Three strategically placed holes at the foot end of the blanket will permit a person in horizontal position to emit unwanted gases freely.
  • The walls are bare and undecorated so as to prevent overstimulation of the mind and falling asleep.
  • The seat cushion of the chairs follows the curvature of the right buttock by the missing of some strands of springs making it easy to work on your core.
  • There are two adjoining coffee shops and one server who shuttles back and forth between the two and thus provides a very versatile service. The kitchen odors are so pungent and all-pervasive that you can tell the available dishes without looking at the menu.
  • The Chariot Inn was originally built as a log cabin by the pioneer, Stephen S. Austin, and there have been few changes since. The many roaches and crickets you encounter are descendants of the original vermin that crawled into the woodwork. They are historical animals. Do not kill them but treat them as pets.

When you approach The Chariot Inn on Interstate 35 and you can’t stop, then wave, or better yet, wave good bye.




R.Undown, Manager

S.Hitty, Housekeeper

My Dad’s letter & your homework

➜  My Dad’s letter shows his keen eye and sense of humor. I love this Best Humor Example Ever… it’s special to me since he passed away the very next year.

➜  Look for the humor and share the funny stuff. You’ll diffuse tension. They’ll laugh. And so will you.

➜  So, rather than rant on social media about bad experiences –  flex your humor muscle and write your own letter to R.Undown the Manager and S.Hitty the Housekeeper.  

© 2024 Karen Cortell Reisman, All rights reserved 

Photo ©:  Karen took this pic at a nearby dry cleaners.


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