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Best Upsell Ever

by | Jul 13, 2021 | 4 comments

You can use this model too.

I select some personalized mailing labels and stickers online at Vista Print. You click on the cart expecting to go to the cart.

But wait! Before you enter your credit card, you see suggestions of other ways I can use my Speak For Yourself® logo. I love my logo! Do I want a mouse pad with my logo? Do I want coffee cups, postcards, or a shopping bag with my logo? Do you want these items with my logo?! I confess. I do select a few more items.

But wait! AFTER my purchase is complete …. here comes the Best Upsell Ever: You see a timer with this teaser, “For the next 9 minutes you can buy additional coffee cups, postcards, or shopping bags at a discount of 10%!” They do the math for you. You SEE your savings in front of your eyes. You can buy more of what you just bought for less $$. I confess. I buy more coffee cups.

How can you use this selling model?

Your customer/client has already purchased your service or gizmo. What else can you sell AFTER the sale? And how can you do this without appearing cheesy?

Get creative.

  • You own a dental practice. Patient checks out after a cleaning and gets offered to pay upfront for three additional cleanings at a discount.
  • You buy a Mercedes Benz. At purchase you are offered to buy three years of maintenance at a discount. (I’ve bought this twice.)
  • You’re president of your professional association. You offer an All Access Pass for members to buy a year of monthly training sessions at a discount. (I’ve bought this many times and the upfront money saved our association during the pandemic.)

Try these Best Upsell Ever ideas. It’s not cheesy when you sell value.

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  1. Dean Lampman

    “I want a Speak For Yourself® coffee mug!”

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Congrats Dean! You’re the first to respond! Will send you one of my personalized coffee cups…. probably with an “upsell”!

  2. Harry Hall

    I’m a big fan of upselling. I’ve been trying to teach that skill to my son, and I’m always looking for ways to implement it into my business.

    Great tip.

    Thanks, Karen

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Thanks Harry! Good luck with teaching this skill to your son and within your business! Karen

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