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How to be a Crappy Listener

by | Aug 22, 2017

You will find three short and succinct ways to improve your listening skills in my recent blog series.

Unfortunately, you do a much better job of NOT listening – to your team, your colleagues, your family, your stockholders, and your board of directors.

Let’s review your crappy listening skill behaviors:

  • You’re texting while listening
  • You’re watching a TV while listening
  • You’re writing an email…
  • You’re already thinking about what you’ll say next
  • Your opinion is SET so you are not open-minded
  • You can’t wait to share your “worse than their story” story (“Your flight was delayed 3 hours? When I flew to Lisbon after getting to the airport at 5:30am, they delayed our flight till 3pm!” …)
  • You can’t wait to share your story – no matter what the other person is saying
  • You are multitasking during a webinar or teleconference call
  • You interrupt

Stop doing these things!

Listening = information = gained knowledge = heightened wisdom.

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