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Are You Selling Function or Benefit?

by | Sep 24, 2013

The commercial says, “Get a Lifestyle Lift”!

What does THAT mean? How do you get a lift to your life style?

On closer look, the ad has nothing to do with your life style. It has everything to do with your face!

Instead of saying: “Get a Facelift” this plastic surgery group advertises the operation as a “Lifestyle Lift”.

That’s clever!

Rather than describe the function, the ad projects the outcome and benefit. Because you’re getting a facelift operation, you will get a “lift” to your life style.

Ok – that’s a promise and not a guarantee, and the ad could be confusing to some. But, it works for me. I never look at commercials and this one piques my interest.

Are you selling function or benefit to your end user? Go for the benefit. You will sell more.


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