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“And the Award for Great Communication Goes to… the 2023 Tony Awards!” A Lesson for C-Suite Executives

by | Jun 12, 2023 | 4 comments

The 2023 Tony Awards may seem like an unlikely source of inspiration for your boardroom discussions, but this Broadway awards show offers valuable insights into effective communication strategies. So, grab your top hats as we tap dance into this unexpected connection!

The opening act

The seamless synergy of Ariana DeBose, the host this year, without a script, creates a show-stopping, fun and fabulous start to the evening. She demonstrates the power of teamwork and collaboration.

🎩 Tip: As C-Suite execs, fostering effective teamwork among your leadership team is essential for driving success + innovation within your organization.

Some (!) of the acceptance speeches

The best speeches conveyed, within 3 minutes, their heartfelt story with humor.

🎩 Tip: As busy executives, mastering the art of brevity is crucial. Communicate your ideas succinctly and engagingly to resonate with your team, investors, and stakeholders.

The dance performances

The choreography showcased the power of nonverbal communication.

🎩 Tip: Just as actors conveyed emotions without uttering a word, mastering nonverbal cues enhances your executive presence. Pay attention to posture, gestures, and facial expressions to strengthen your impact in the boardroom.

And the 2023 Communication Tony Award goes to…

Valuable Lessons for C-Suite Executives.

🎩 Tip: Foster teamwork, embrace brevity and humor, master nonverbal cues, and tell your story to elevate your communication strategies.

Take center stage, command the boardroom with confidence, and let the spotlight shine on your exceptional skills. Bravo!

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  1. Joel Litman

    This is a constant work in progress as our crew navigates each business day to best serve our customers in a safe and efficient environment.

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Hi Joel – Yes… great leaders (like you) see this skill set as an ongoing daily commitment. And that’s why you’ve been so successful. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Harry Hall

    Tremendous summary (and tips) under: Valuable Lessons for C-Suite Executives. Gets a ‘standing-o’ from me.

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Hi Harry – I am basking in your “Standing-O” ovation! Thanks for your feedback. It’s fun to write about what I enjoy – Broadway and Award Shows.
      Warmly, Karen

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