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Accent Reduction Specialist

You will learn:

  • To control those sounds that are hard to make and hear.
  • American English intonation and cadence.
  • American English word structure: syllable stress/accent, syllable types, etc.

Your outcomes:

  • Be better understood in the US at meetings, phone conversations, and giving virtual and live presentations.
  • Gain traction with prospects during that critical 5-second first impression opportunity.
  • Create rapport faster with colleagues from the US.


Our teaching style is learner-centered and learner-directed. Each session is targeted to meet your needs.

Our lesson plans are always flexible. If you want to drill sounds for an hour, that's what we will do. If you want to lighten up and have a relaxed conversation, we will accommodate. If you want something in-between, just let us know!


When working with any Speak For Yourself® Associate, we strive to build rapport, set the right environment for learning, and gain your trust.


Hours (Central Time)

Mon-Thursday 8am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday 8am - 5pm


You will work over Skype.This allows for lip-reading at a comfortable distance. Material will be on an on-line whiteboard that we can both see and write on. You will also do pronunciation homework over another virtual platform.

Hint: The more homework you do, the more advances you'll make… quickly!


With all options you will have a free 15-minute introduction phone consultation with our Accent Reduction Specialist to figure out the best approach. Once you've completed your "package" you can purchase another "package" and continue on your path to reduce your accent.

Bronze Package: $800: Five 50-55 minute sessions + your introductory 15-minute phone consultation.

Silver Package: $1400: Ten 50-55 minute sessions + your introductory 15-minute phone consultation.

Gold Package: $2000: Fifteen 50-55 minute sessions + your introductory 15-minute phone consultation.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made within 48 hours of scheduled sessions will be forfeited by the client.

NOTE: Pricing list valid through 2019.


With our quick 15-minute consultation, we can identify your pronunciation needs and set a customized program for you.

If you decide to proceed, you will receive a short Letter Of Agreement confirming the package you have selected. Payment will be made up front and we accept Venmo and major credit cards.

Then you will receive our contact data and a link to your own personal 'virtual' whiteboard, pre-populated with the materials that you will be using in our classes.


Greg Morris holds a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics (University of Texas at Arlington, 1995) during which he received training in phonetics and phonology. He then spent two years teaching ESL on the college level.

Greg then learned Portuguese, and spent six years in Mozambique, Africa working as a Field Linguist for SIL International. He was assigned to work among the speakers of Lolo, which is a minority language indigenous to Mozambique. This language had no alphabet—nothing had ever been written in Lolo before.

He listened to their language, learned their sound system, wrote them an alphabet, and started teaching them to read and write their own language.

After that, Greg taught ESL for eight years teaching English to clients of all levels from all over the world. His teaching took him from the USA to Egypt, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and Afghanistan.

Recently, Greg taught at the Afghan Air Force Academy in Kabul, Afghanistan. He found this very rewarding to train and mentor the future leaders of their country.

At present, Greg is enjoying the satisfaction that comes with helping clients improve their English pronunciation and reduce their accent.

To get started:

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