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A Speak For Yourself® Rant about One Word

by | Dec 8, 2020

You use this word on a daily basis.

Think before using this one word.

Try not to use this word.

Blog readers, you know that we’ve done a significant upgrade on how #SpeakForYourself delivers virtual programs. We’ve purchased everything from LED lights & tripods to a very cool cordless lav mic system to the brand new M1 chip MacBook Air (arriving soon!).

As I open each box the scant directions leave much to the imagination. Needing more info takes me to YouTube videos with titles like “What to do now that you’ve opened this box”. You get it… these are introductory how-to videos for first time users. These videos are packed with good information. Until the vlogger (video blogger) uses the One Word That Will Make You Crazy – “easy”.

The vlogger says, “This is easy to implement,” or to use a more detailed example, “The TRS ring connects to your computer and the TRRS ring attaches to your transmitter. It’s quite easy to set up.” Editor’s note: This was not easy!

Bottom line: It (whatever “it” is) is easy ONCE YOU KNOW HOW it works. It is NOT easy until you’ve gained that knowledge and experience. This word usage can be demeaning to your audience.

How does this relate to you? Think about what you instruct to your team and colleagues. Or when you explain something to your significant other or kids or parents. Be careful about using the word “easy”. It is not easy until it is.

For my clients I confess I have said, “There’s a myth about giving a presentation. The myth is that it’s hard to give a speech. That’s not true. The reality is that it’s hard to start and it’s hard to shut up. The rest is easy – you’re talking within your wheelhouse.” I will not say this in the future.

It’s not easy until it is.

What words make you crazy? Send your blog comments below.

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