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A simple strategy (you fail to use)  –  for better emails, stronger connections & more engaging speeches

by | Jul 10, 2023 | 2 comments

Your super power

Using “The Power of YOU”.

Better Emails:

Speak For Yourself® (SFY) Tip 🎤 : Start with “You” vs “I”. Make your email other centric rather than egocentric.

  • Homework: Look at your last 10 emails you’ve sent. Count up the “I’s”. How many times did you begin with “You”?
  • ❌: “I look forward to meeting with you.”
  • ✅: “You and I are scheduled to meet on xx.”

Stronger connections:

SFY Tip 🎤 : Ask about the other person. Listen to their answer. Ask more questions.

  • ❌: “Congrats on your son’s engagement. My son has been married for 4 years yada yada.” You have just hijacked the conversation.
  • ✅: “So excited about your son’s engagement. Tell me about his fiancée.”

More engaging speeches:

SFY Tip 🎤 : Know who your audience is and strategize to meet their specific needs.

  • ❌: True story…  someone pitching to Disney said, “Let’s don’t mickey-mouse around.” Ouch.
  • ✅: “Your Disney World imagination has thrilled my family for two generations. Let’s talk about further innovations for you.”

Why you don’t use your super power?

It’s easier for you to talk about you, your business and your issues or accolades. It’s your favorite subject.

Simple does not mean easy

Simplicity is defined as the quality of being easy to understand. Just because The Power of YOU is a simple strategy does NOT make it easy to do.

Communicate and focus on your audience of one or 1,000 —  IF you want to build trust, sell more and create strong bonds.


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  1. Harry Hall

    I noticed in your tips and subheads, you didn’t use I once. Leading by example.

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      You try! And it’s not easy to do. Thanks for noticing!

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