Could you use some tips on overcoming obstacles with grace? Are you ready for a message about love, loss and lingerie?! If you said “yes” you’re in the right place.

Using personal letters from her cousin Einstein (yes … Karen is related to that guy with bad hair) you’ll get a “relative’s theory” … NOT about the Theory of Relativity (thank goodness) … but about how to handle life’s challenges.

Laugh, listen, and learn

Here’s how your corporation or association will BENEFIT from this unforgettable keynote.

You will learn how to:

  • Use “Einstein-type” thinking to grow yourself and your business
  • Use Karen’s equation to ignite your creativity. It’s easier to understand than E=mc2!
  • Gain your competitive edge

Your Einstein keynote made everyone laugh, cry, and think. You could hear a pin drop in this ballroom of 400 people.

AADP (American Academy of Dental Practice)

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