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A Lesson on Calligraphy and Life

by | Jun 8, 2010

2010 Global Entrepreneurs Summit of Far East

On my recent trip to China with a group of CEOs we attended the 2010 Global Entrepreneurs Summit of the Far East. One of the speakers – to a simulcast audience of 8 million – shared lessons learned when she studied calligraphy many years ago. Her instructor suggested the following:

  • Be flexible in practicing your calligraphy.
  • Don’t be too rigid – if bound by techniques alone one can get dogmatic.
  • Learn calligraphy by studying the flow of water. Water does not stick to a particular shape. When water is quiet it’s transparent, peaceful, almost like a mirror.

To maximize your absorption of calligraphy and your ability to become wise – she suggested flexibility, accommodation, and calmness in your heart.


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