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7 Ways to Blow It as a Leader

by | Dec 4, 2013

  1. Rely upon your impressive title to gain respect from others.  TIP:  Earn respect through your integrity, empathy, and constancy
  2. Spread your vision by emails and written reports. TIP:  Speak to people to get them to follow you
  3. Provide an abstract picture of your organization. TIP:  Tell your company’s story in a precise way
  4. Define goals and expectations vaguely. TIP:  Clearly communicate about your expectations on goals, performance, and feedback
  5. Motivate others by paying a salary. TIP:  Empower others by recognition. The most significant way you can empower your team, which in turn will create a positive environment for your organization, which in turn will motivate your team to sell your service or product, is by praising and complimenting your team.
  6. Confront in public. TIP:  Confront in private. Confrontation  — When do you do it? Hopefully before you go crazy. How do you confront others in a positive way?  With forethought. Why do you avoid it?  You don’t want to be hurtful, or get hurt.
  7. Lead by policies formulated by you. TIP:  Incorporate the voices in your organization to design policy. People support what they help create.


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