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7 “P”s on Praising

by | Apr 20, 2021 | 7 comments

“You can make your team and region feel uplifted and motivated by praising more,” I said to one of my clients last week. In our discussion on how to have powerful 1:1s and meetings we brainstormed on these “do’s and don’ts” on praising.

  1. Presence: Be in the moment and be sincere. Don’t say, “You’re doing a great job”. Rather, say, “Your sales numbers for last month hit way above the target. Tell me more.”
  2. Proportionate: Be effusive with care. Hit the mark on what you’re trying to praise. Don’t go overboard or you’ll be discounted.
  3. Power: Go up and down the totem pole of influence. It’s OK to compliment your Board of Directors or the night cleanup crew… and everyone in between.
  4. Public: Praise someone in front of others – it has even more weight. If you compliment your Admin Assistant when other SVPs are standing by, your words provide an even greater positive morale experience.
  5. Punctual… or not: Give compliments in a timely manner. However have you ever gotten this type of feedback, “You did something 10 years ago that really made a difference in my life”? You probably don’t know what the complimentor is talking about but you’re intrigued, you ask, and you are well pleased. Don’t hesitate to share praise even if you’ve exceeded the statute of limitations.
  6. Polite – NO!: Don’t boomerang the praise if you’re the recipient. Do not say, “That’s so sweet… you’re also ….” Do say, “Thank you.” Accept the praise.
  7. Professional & Personal: Praise in all your various worlds – sometimes we forget to praise those that we are closest to. (Reisi – thanks for always reading my blogs & providing feedback!) Compliment others in your business and personal settings.

Praise provides a positive experience that increases morale, motivation and engagement.

Your homework: Use the 7 “P”s of praising and do this today and always.


Thank you @FinancialAdvisor for this blog’s inspiration.


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  1. Anonymous

    Excellent advice on praising, Karen. I used it today!

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      How great to know that my blog provides useable strategies for you.

      Keep doing your homework!

  2. Mary Rock

    Karen, I love the homework assignment! I needed those hints, so we’ll see if practice helps! You’d be pleased to know I keep your advice in the back of my head & try to use it often. Thanks for another list of good tips. I’m guilty of just saying great job…not anymore, now I know how to adjust.

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Mary – LOVE your feedback! How great to know that my blogs provide useable strategies for you.

      Now go forth and do your homework. You are a “natural” at this stuff.

  3. Harry Hall

    Thanks for this. I hate boomerang praise, even when I do it myself. For some reason, we feel obligated, I guess.

  4. Val Cronin

    Thanks, to the skills you taught me, Karen, my client originations have increased by 46%.

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Val – GREAT feedback. And, you followed the rules of being specific about how to praise. Well done AND you made my day!


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