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7 Best Selling Tips

by | Oct 6, 2020

October? Check. Great weather? Check. Annual pilgrimage to observe the best sales person in the universe? Not so fast.

Sigh. The annual State Fair of Texas remains in quarantine. BUT, IF the Fair were open, you’d get to watch Randy sell skillets to people who don’t know they want & need skillets.

Welcome to our yearly blog detailing the Best Sales Tips Ever.

Your homework: Use these 7 techniques in your sales pitches, board rooms, with your teams, and anywhere else you want to persuade other decision makers to buy your ideas/ventures/skillets.

  1. Focus on buyer outcome, not on the product itself. Randy is not selling skillets. Randy is selling good health and longevity by eating healthy and preparing vitamin rich food. TIP: Focus your selling on value to your prospect.
  2. Overcome Obstacles (being clever earns you bonus points). Randy says to us, “An 84-year old woman came up to me yesterday after the demonstration and said, ‘I’m buying it all.’ ‘But, ma’am, excuse me for saying this, why would you want to buy all of this at this point in your life?’ ‘I’m tired of having mismatched pots and pans for my whole life.’ ‘But, don’t you have to get your husband’s sign off?’ ‘He’s not here’ ‘Oh, I’m sorry that he’s passed.’ ‘Oh, he’s still alive, he’s at the car show. I’m making this decision.’ ‘But this is expensive.’ ‘That’s ok. I want quality and it’s something my kids and grandkids will enjoy.’” Do you see what Randy is doing? He’s using a fictitious story with fun dialogue to overcome price, needs vs wants, all while giving us permission to NOT wait for a partner to make the buying decision. TIP: Think about the obstacles your buyers face (pricing, timing, need) and how you will overcome them.
  3. Give Something for Free. We love give-aways! Randy’s pitch includes extra items depending on how much you buy. Plus, he gives us a sample of everything he cooks. (The steamed carrots were a nice contrast to the fried funnel cake bacon cheeseburger I ate last year.) TIP: What can you give away for free to your customers? Got an e-book? Discounts for paying up front?
  4. Tell a Story Using What You’re Selling.  Randy shows us a Time Magazine Cover proving that eating out of scratched up Teflon coated skillets increases your chance of Alzheimer’s. That’s a story we don’t want.
  5. Provide Value Before Pricing. Randy spends 98% of our time talking in a conversational manner about our health, our ability to prepare food in a healthy way, and our joy of eating clean food. TIP: Never, ever, talk $$ before talking value. Ever.
  6. Know Your Audience. Randy is selling an American manufactured product to Americans in America. He waves the American flag during his pitch. Kitchen Craft wants to make us feel good about supporting our country. TIP: How can you tap into your audiences’ positive trigger points?
  7. Provide Emotional Context. Randy uses humor by showing us examples of the worn out pots ‘n pans we have in our kitchens. Admit it. TIP: We laugh… we relax… we listen more … we buy.

Kitchen Craft knows what they’re doing (since 1906!). Their appliances are expensive. Their pitch works. Pay attention to their game plan.

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