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5 Ways to Get Your Message Through to Millennials: Get Snapped In & Engage with Snapchat

by | Nov 29, 2016

Nick Cicero has written the eminent article about Snapchat engagement metrics, and the facts about Snapchat usership are staggering. Consider total views:

Snapchat – 6 Billion Daily Video Views – Mobile
Facebook – 8 Billion Daily Video Views – Desktop & Mobile
YouTube – 4 Billion Daily Video Views – Desktop & Mobile

According to Cicero, “On Snapchat, marketers should focus less on the number of connected followers they have and more on the number of people consuming their stories.”

So here’s your Recipe for using Snapchat to get your message through to Millennials:

1. Download the Snapchat app and create an account.

2. Build your network of followers.


a. Go to Add Friends and select Add from Contacts to add users whose cell phone numbers you have.

b. Add people by username. Ask people to include their Snapchat username in contact info forms you have (“and get special daily content”).

c. Add by Snapcode. Share your snapcode and users can easily add you by ingesting the pic in Snapchat. Learn more from the source.

d. Add Nearby. Use this when you’re at a live networking moment and want to connect via Snapchat.

e. Share Username. Take this short URL and embed it in digital newsletters, SMS campaigns, and Facebook/Twitter posts.

3. Build viewership through delivering awesome content. Keep it short, dynamic and fun. The beauty of Snapchat is that each post is MAX 10 seconds. Elevate your content with strategic use of emojis, filters, and special effects.

4. Measure engagement through key metrics: Views and Screenshots.

Case Study Time: Alexis Belbel, www.aDoubleDose.com

Alexis and her twin sister are young entrepreneurs who utilize Snapchat for their growing lifestyle brand. Alexis produces high quality, relevant content and has seen her Snapchat following grow exponentially in the past year. Here’s a quick peek behind the scenes to look at the Key Metrics.


You can see that content that is close to the 24-hour publishing end point accrues over 2K views. In just 24 hours, the Feed has accrued 6 screenshots, and the highest screenshotted post is a product promotion for a new perfume.


The demographics data show that 75% of Snapchatters are Millennial aged. As always, content is king, and you’re still competing against the rest of their social network and Big Brands. So be sure to build a content generation strategy, so you can hit the ground running.

Snapchat creates potent moments of connection and opens up mobile engagement in an innovative way that has changed the way Millennials consume social media. So get Snapped In… Because Snapchat can be a game-elevator for your business and your messaging to Millennials.


More to come next week.

In this special guest series, Brett Reisman presents 5 ways to get your message through to millennials. 

Brett Reisman works with media production agencies, digital marketing firms, and technology companies to develop organization’s communication and outreach strategies and build their businesses. Brett has a B.S. in Communications Studies with a concentration in rhetoric and political communications, and a B.A. in Asian Studies with an East Asia specialization.

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