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5-Star Communication Skills

by | Mar 28, 2023 | 4 comments

“You’ve run a very popular and expensive restaurant – that has your name on the door –  for over 16 years… and it’s a competitive market here in Dallas. What do you attribute your success to?” asks the Dallas Morning News food editor to Dean Fearing.

Dean replies, “There are 3 components. First, consistency. We serve great food every day. Second, personability. I decided that I’d greet our customers at every table on a daily basis. I’ve done this from day one. Third, a great wait staff. We have a wonderful team at Fearing’s Restaurant.”

The parallels between Fearing’s top rated restaurant and 5-star communication skills

Consistency. Just like the expectations you have for a fine meal when entering a fine dining establishment, your team/board/stake holders expect you to communicate compelling content with clarity and confidence on a consistent basis.

Personability. You do business with people you know, like and trust. Let’s drill down on the word “like”. Be likeable, like Dean Fearing.  Communicate with respect, listen with genuine interest and create an atmosphere of good will.

Leadership. Whether you run a billion dollar organization or you’re a solopreneur, you and your company represent and communicate your brand.

Once a year my daughter and I have an all-day spa date and one year we went to the Ritz Carlton. We began our day having lunch at their restaurant, Fearing’s. As we ate our delicious lunch, guess who came over to chat? Chef Fearing.

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  1. Stevelpaso

    I always call patients that have had treatment at night. Great PR & sometimes the patient has a valid concern/question. Also, always tell the team, “to treat people the way you would like to be treated.”

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Steve – You’ve shared two great tips: as a doctor it is wonderful to check in with your patients with a phone call after a procedure. Talk about “personability”. Second – you’ve given your team an excellent reminder to enact the Golden Rule. Thanks for your comments here.

  2. Gary Solomon

    Excellent article!

    • Karen Cortell Reisman

      Thanks Gary! Whether you look at a successful restaurant or a thriving construction company – you can gain universal insights on how to create a great bottom line business.

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