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5 Reasons Your Emails Get Deleted

by | May 16, 2017

Think of your emails as a contestant in a Hunger Games movie. Only one can survive. The rest get killed – aka – DELETED.

In your crazy busy professional world that’s what you do. You delete all the junk in your inbox as fast as you can. Yet, your emails are another vital way you get your message(s) across. Here are my Speak For Yourself® five top reasons your emails get eliminated before their time.

  1. No “call to action”

What do you want your reader to do as a result of spending precious time reading your email? The sooner you express this info, the better.

  1. Too long

Introductory emails should be no longer than 60 words. If your recipient knows you, still keep it short.

  1. No clarity

Make your email easy to read. Highlight the Must Read Info. Example: If you have time, date and locale info for an upcoming meeting use a different font or color.

  1. Confusing/Nondescript Subject Header

It’s great to be clever. It’s even better if you’re clear.

  1. Too egocentric

Begin your emails with “you” or “your” vs. “I”. It’s not about you. It’s about your Board member, your client, or your team.

Keep your emails short. Make them easy to read. Tell us what you want.

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