Ambassador Yossi Gal with Karen Cortell Reisman

Ambassador Yossi Gal walked into the coffee shop last week, smiled when he saw me, and ordered his cappuccino. During our one-hour delightful breakfast meeting I asked him, “In all of your various posts as Israel’s Ambassador to France, Monaco, Washington D.C., and the Netherlands – what are the three most important factors for power conversations?”

A bit of context. Currently Ambassador Gal is Hebrew University’s VP for Advancement and External Relations. Hebrew University, co-founded by Albert Einstein, houses the Einstein Archives; and he had an interest in meeting one of Einstein’s relatives… me.

Ambassador Gal answered, “In all of my years of involvement with international relationships I see five crucial factors for effectively communicating and negotiating with others: Education, Education, Education, Curiosity, and Respect.”

  1. Education
  2. Education
  3. Education
  4. Curiosity
  5. Respect

Relevance for you – when you lead your organization, meet with new buyers, negotiate terms on a potential acquisition, or raise funds for your private equity firm; embrace Ambassador Gal’s negotiation/communication must haves. For your next Power Conversation — come educated (prepared), be curious, and have respect.

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