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3 Speech Skills Takeaways from Zuckerberg’s Testimony

by | Apr 24, 2018

“Investors certainly liked Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony on Capitol Hill. Facebook’s shares rose 4.5 percent on that day. It was the strongest single-day performance for the stock since April 2016.” NYT, 4.10.18

Investors liked his testimony and so did we. Zuckerberg’s testimony from a speech presentation point of view shows three strengths. Our disclaimer – this blog is about Mark’s delivery, not his content.

#1 — Stay calm under pressure. Zuckerberg remained in control of his emotions. Every answer was measured and began with, “Congressman”, or “Senator”. At no time did he appear aggravated or irritated. The world was watching and he performed with grace.

#2 — Show poise and confidence. Although SNL joked that Zuckerberg never blinks, he answered questions using these positive nonverbal cues that personify confidence:

  •          Strong eye contact
  •          Erect posture
  •          Smiling when applicable
  •          Appropriate attire for the occasion – suit & tie vs. a grey T-shirt

#3 — Speak with executive presence. We preach that you speak more comfortably and with greater conviction if you stick to what you know and have earned the right to discuss. Zuckerberg did just that. He answered questions with clarity and brevity. He is the leader of Facebook and he took responsibility with his words, voice and demeanor for Facebook’s actions – past, present and future.

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