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3 Scariest Speech Mistakes

by | Oct 24, 2023

Do you want your audience of one or many to look like this skeleton?

💀 #1 Scariest Speech Mistake ➜ Cobweb Brain

❌ Don’t be boring. If you and your content are not compelling we (your audience) will grow cobwebs in our brains… and stop listening.

✅ Do gain traction. Tips: Smile more. Have good posture and eye contact. Use stories with dialogue. Add metaphors. Engage with a clever opener. Conclude with a “call to action”.

💀 #2 Scariest Speech Mistake ➜ Cue Coma

Even your dog will NOT be your best friend if you make these scary speech mistakes!

❌ Don’t ignore the pulse of your audience. If you don’t understand their needs and issues you’ll put your group into a coma.

✅ Do read the cues in the room. Tips: Do your advance intel. Understand who they are and what they need from you. Then, at your event keep tabs on your audience’s nonverbal and verbal reactions. Gage their mental buy-in and physical energy level. If either begin to lag then vary your vocal pace and add in group participation.

💀 #3 Scariest Speech Mistake ➜ Clock-or mortis

❌ Don’t talk too long.

✅ Do stay within your time limit. Tips: Know the length of your presentation or meeting ahead of time. End when you’re supposed to end.

Happy Halloween BUT don’t make these scary speech mistakes!




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