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3 Insider Secrets to Keep Your Career Growing

by | Sep 16, 2013

What does Ashton Kutcher’s Teen Choice Awards’ speech have to do with you?


In Kutcher’s short acceptance speech he talked about his insider secrets to keep your career growing. Whether you’re a teenager swooning at a concert or a dentist pursuing your passion, Ashton gave great advice on success.

Secret #1: Make opportunity.

He said “opportunity” is another word for “hard work”. Kutcher started working with his dad laying shingles on roofs. He then washed dishes, worked in a grocery store deli and then swept the floor in a factory. He never left a job without another one in place. Each job was a stepping-stone for the next.

In your career your “opportunities” are a result of your hard work.

Secret #2: Be Sexy.

Ashton Kutcher’s definition of “sexy” works for all of us. He said, “Sexy means being really smart, being really thoughtful and being really generous. All other definitions are wrong. Don’t buy it.”

Using Ashton’s definition of “sexy” equates to success in your business. Being smart is sexy. Add in “generous” and “thoughtful” and you’ve got an organization that attracts great clients and a loyal team.

Secret #3: Live life.

Ashton referred here to his recent movie where he played Steve Jobs. The lesson from Jobs – many of us think of the world as it is. You don’t get into trouble, you grow up, you get a job, you get married, you have a family. While that’s fine, this world is made up of everyone around us. You don’t have to accept what is. You can build your own life. He said, “Don’t live one. Build one.”

In your company – don’t accept the status quo. Build your own definition of what you want.

Your Speak For Yourself® Challenge: Make opportunity. Be sexy. Live life.




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