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3 Communication Tips that Impact Your ROI

by | Sep 4, 2018


“Please tell my top team to stop doing ‘verbal vomit,’” pleaded my client who is president of a healthcare management company. What a visual!

If you are doing all the talking then you won’t know a thing about your team/prospect/clients. The negative spiral continues. You won’t be creating trust, you won’t be building relationships, and you won’t be selling your services, products or advice.

Know your target market and create relationships that are value-driven.


Think “James Bond”. No matter how dire his circumstance he always looks dashing, has great posture, smiles, exudes charm and he lives for another sequel.

Are your nonverbal actions congruent with the info coming out of your mouth? Your effective eye contact, posture, and facial expression are vital components of projecting your power.


Another client asked me, “When you speak to our company can you please make them realize that we are not ‘sales people’ BUT we are a continual resource to our clients?”

Bingo. Be a resource first. Then you will be the company they will use when it is time to buy. Continually provide current information to increase your repeat business ratio.

Your key to increasing your Return on Investment – communicate by creating relationships, projecting your power and providing value.

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