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3 Persistent Communication Myths and Why You Still Believe Them

by | Mar 16, 2021

Communication Myth #1: Giving a speech is hard.

It’s not hard to give a speech. It’s just hard to start and it’s hard to shut up. If you are speaking about what you know about and have earned the right to talk about… you will be able to give that speech with ease. At Speak For Yourself® we spend the majority of our time with clients working on the bookends of their presentations – how to begin and how to conclude.

Communication Myth #2: Getting rid of nervousness is your goal.

Let’s dispel this myth now – you will never eradicate your nerves… and you don’t want to. Nervousness equals adrenaline equals energy. The goal is to channel your nerves in a positive direction. Again, we’ve worked with many leaders, and blogged about how to embrace stage fright. Trying to delete all traces of nervousness creates one more layer of unnecessary aggravation.

Communication Myth #3: Sharing data gets your point across.

A compelling presentation is never just about the data. Your info comes alive when your data is paired with examples, stories, humor, visuals and metaphors/analogies. Watch football, soccer, basketball? Two announcers “call” the game. One shares the play-by-play and the other gives color commentary. Your challenge is to “call” your game using both of these voices. Data + color = retention of info.

How do we know that you believe these myths?

Given the years of experience working with our clients across many industries these myths persist.

How do you eliminate these myths?

  • Change your perspective about giving speeches.
  • Embrace and use the benefits of nervousness.
  • Stop doing data dumps.
  • Or better yet, hire us!

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