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2 Networking Traps & “Fix It’s” for Women

by | Nov 29, 2012

Networking presents unique challenges to women in business. Amanda Steinberg from DailyWorth offers insight about how to tackle two issues.

Trap #1: One problem that businesswomen face while networking, is the possibility of being hit on by male colleagues.

Fix-It for Trap #1: When considering how to proceed in these uncomfortable situations, Steinberg recommends thinking about the professional relationships’ long-term goal. She offers the following script to respond to passes by male colleagues:

“I’m so flattered that you feel that way — thank you (sincerely)… but our business relationship is really important to me. I’m concerned that if anything happened, things would eventually get really weird between us, so I have to say no. I hope you understand.”

These words provide a concise, simple way to respond to an uncomfortable situation without making the recipient feel embarrassed or angry.

Trap #2: A rookie mistake women (and men, actually) make in the networking realm – over sharing while connecting with other businesspeople.

Fix-It for Trap #2: “Discretion”, she says, “has its merits”. Less is more.


Knowing how to deal with inappropriate comments and keeping the conversation meaningful but not burdensome are two ways to significantly improve your ability to form appropriate, meaningful connections.


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