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#1 Secret to Get Your Message Across

by | Feb 7, 2013

Super Bowl commercials cost $4 million for 30 seconds of time. Advertisers know that less is more. In your business be less is more with:

Less answers. More questions.

Over talking and under listening create the biggest selling mistake. How do you really know what your audience, prospect, client or patient wants if you’re doing most of the talking?

Less verbal clutter. More verbal clarity.

“Um, you know, I think I basically want you to honestly get rid of verbal clutter.” And stop saying ‘honestly’ or ‘to be honest with you’. Does that mean everything else you say is dishonest?

Less excuses. More action.

Your Board of Directors, shareholders and colleagues don’t care about why expectations weren’t met. These people care about the result. Either exceed value or take action to get the job done. That’s what your followers want to know.

Less data. More stories.

Logic tells. Emotion sells. While it’s important to support your message with facts, you err on morphing into data dump mode. For every point you make, support with a vignette, analogy or example to ensure that your message sticks.

Less stuff. More space.

Look at the area where you want to discuss or sell your concept, service or product. Is your office, website, or car neat and Zen OR filled with desk detritus, annoying online pop-ups, or empty plastic water bottles in your car cup holder? Declutter so that your mark can concentrate on your message.

Speak For Yourself® Take Away: A confused listener tunes out. A confused buyer says no. Think ‘Less is More’ to convey your message.



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