Karen Speaks to Dental Audience in Albuquerque on: Did You Hear What I Didn’t Say? How to Speak for Yourself!

Dr. Frank Montoya and Dr. Dianna Montoya with KarenThank you to Drs. Kevin Harrison and Dianna Montoya for inviting me to speak; and for putting together a great group of dental offices. We had a really fun morning learning about how to communicate trust and grow your dental practices. Read more [...]

The Rules Have Changed

Karen with Randy Gage  At least that’s what Randy Gage says. In his new book, Risky is the New Safe, Gage outlines a strong theory that there has never been a better time to be alive. And that’s because there will be more cataclysmic change in the next 15 years than in the past 1000. We can take advantage Read more [...]

Speak For Yourself to Grow Your Business [Photos]

Karen Cortell Reisman Plains Capital w sievesHad a blast with Plains Capital Bank working with their leaders on how to Speak For Yourself to Grow Your Business. Read more [...]

Another GREAT Speak To Win workshop at United Way!

Karen Cortell Reisman United Way 2012 class w Mark PollackThank you, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, for allowing me to work with your Campaign Associates again this year. Your work helps our community. Good luck to my recent graduates of our Speak To Win Workshop! Read more [...]

Obama vs. Romney – Round One

Last week, the Presidential debates proved the importance of having a confident tone.Both candidates arrived at the debates equipped with bold plans, studies to back their claims, and examples to illustrate facts in a relatable way. Neither candidate spent precious time bashing his opponent; instead Read more [...]