Obama vs. Romney – Round One

Last week, the Presidential debates proved the importance of having a confident tone.Both candidates arrived at the debates equipped with bold plans, studies to back their claims, and examples to illustrate facts in a relatable way. Neither candidate spent precious time bashing his opponent; instead Read more [...]

An Inside Look at Karen’s Workshop with PlainsCapital Bank

jpg This past week I had the pleasure of sitting in on Karen’s training with PlainsCapital Bank. The group contained high level executives from every department in the bank, from finance to human resources. Karen led the group in discussing techniques and pitfalls in business interactions from the Read more [...]

A Compelling Sales Pitch or Presentation is Never Just About the Data

  Every presentation is a story waiting to be told. We turn to our communication expert, Karen, to share some techniques about how to get your credentials across and appeal to your client in a way that is both informative and effective. Q: Karen, how can a company tell potential clients their Read more [...]

Tidbits of Presentation Wisdom

I interviewed Karen about her 1:1 sessions with clients. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing tidbits of wisdom from our communications expert. Here’s our tidbit of the week: What are the top 3 mistakes people make in their PowerPoint presentations? 1. Way too much info on each slide. 2. Read more [...]

Allowing customers to tell their story [radio interview – audio]

    Click here to listen to my second recent interview with Jim Blasingame - Allowing customers to tell their story. Read more [...]