Don’t Give It Up to Technology

Finally I jumped into the taxi after snaking through a long line at NYC's LaGuardia airport after a night of travel. Unable to contain myself I told my driver to change his route to my hotel. After all I was sitting in the back seat. Unphased, he responded, "To excel at my job you have to throw Read more [...]

Personality – How it Affects Your Performance

by Arin Forstenzer, Speak For Yourself Marketing VP Joyce E.A. Russell published an article on the Washington Post website this weekend, relating the perceptions of the current Republican presidential candidates’ “personality flaws” to personality and performance styles seen more commonly in Read more [...]

Why SOPA Still Matters To You

By Arin Forstenzer, Speak For Yourself VP Marketing Unless you haven’t gone online in the last few weeks, you have seen commentary or protests on SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act introduced last year. SOPA was finally “killed” by President Obama at the end of last week, following protests Read more [...]

Speak For Yourself To Get More Business

Speak-For-Yourself-Allegiance-Capital-1Thank you, Allegiance Capital! I had a great time presenting “Speak For Yourself - how to communicate to get more business” at your annual meeting. Read more [...]

How to Give a Speech When You are Sick

Even though I was up all last night with food poisoning issues, today I gave a speech to a corporate client. Lessons learned: A signed contract is a commitment. Unless you find someone else to replace you – you need to show up and give the speech. Do not tell your client you are sick unless Read more [...]