Monetize Your Mouth — Seven Strategies that Sell YOU.

Karen Cortell Reisman Executive Speech Coach monetize your mouth Describe what you do (at a party, event, wine tasting…) in a SHORT sentence that includes a benefit statement. “I work with you on how to speak for yourself to make more money.” Add metaphors. “Life is a rollercoaster”. Ask questions. Let the other person talk. Give compliments. Tip: Read more [...]

Top Ten 2014 Speak For Yourself Blog Posts

Gold top 10 winner 3 Communication Lessons Taught by Robin Williams 4 Super-Star Speaker Qualities Gleaned from an Emmy Award Acceptance Speech 3 Read more [...]

What’s the Biggest Screw-up You Can Make on Social Media?

Karen Reisman Executive Speech Coach Social Media picLately clients have said, “I’m waiting for a reply email on our project but I see he’s posted an article just now on Linked In.” Or, “She couldn’t attend the Cerebral Palsy Dinner but someone told me she was pictured at a dinner party on that same evening.” One friend said, “I sent Read more [...]

PlainsCapital Bank & Karen Cortell Reisman’s Speak For Yourself Workshop!

PlainsCapital Bank rocks!PlainsCapital Bank knows what to do. When they hire new professionals they just don't push them out and say, "Ok, do a great job. We want to see client growth." No, they train their people. After all, their culture values Customers, Employees, Community, and Shareholders. This is not just "company hype". Our Read more [...]