How to Give a Presentation – Part 8

CREDIBILITY Part Eight: Your Eighth Strategy on How to Give a Presentation “How to give a presentation” Tip 8: Build Your Credibility Blog Tip #6 and #7 discuss how to engage and hook your audience. Today’s blog ties your first chunk of your meeting/presentation/conversation together so that your Read more [...]

How to Give a Presentation – Part 7

Find Commonality Part Seven: Your Seventh Strategy on How to Give a Presentation “How to give a presentation” Tip 7: Find Commonality Blog Tip #6 began our discussion about engaging your audience. I’m spending several blogs on this topic because it’s so vital. In fact, if you do NOT engage and relate Read more [...]

Extemporaneous Speaking – Three Rules on How to Speak Extemporaneously

How to Speak Extemporaneously When you speak, formally or informally, you want to sound “extemporaneous”- spoken without preparation. BUT you are prepared. Here are your Three Speak For Yourself® rules on how to appear unprepared but prepared! Extemporaneous Speaking Tip #1: Do not memorize. But, do know what your Read more [...]

Monetize Your Mouth — Seven Strategies that Sell YOU.

Karen Cortell Reisman Executive Speech Coach monetize your mouth Describe what you do (at a party, event, wine tasting…) in a SHORT sentence that includes a benefit statement. “I work with you on how to speak for yourself to make more money.” Add metaphors. “Life is a rollercoaster”. Ask questions. Let the other person talk. Give compliments. Tip: Read more [...]