Three Communication Lessons Taught by Robin Williams

Robin WilliamsTake the highroad. No one is immune to life’s chaos. You might think that winning Oscars and Emmys and being famous creates a bubble of immunity to pain. False. But, how is this relevant to your life? You are probably saying, “Well, I’m NOT famous.”  Maybe not, but you ARE a leader in your Read more [...]

Don’t point your presentation laser at a police helicopter. Rules for using laser pointers.

Karen Reisman Speech Coach laserThe Associated Press reports today that a young gentleman faces five years in prison for aiming a laser pointer at a police helicopter. Apparently he disrupted the chopper’s flight plans near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Over the years I’ve written a bit about laser pointers, but it Read more [...]

How Do You Communicate with Gravitas when You’re Stressed?

Summer 2012: Karen speaks to Executive Women in Texas Government wearing a great wig! NO ONE KNEW! Two years ago today my final chemotherapy treatment for a successful journey with breast cancer happened. Today I’m contemplative, grateful, healthy. Here’s what I’ve come to know, which may help you as you handle adversity in your life – whether that’s a health issue, job crisis, Read more [...]