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Facebook gems for your business

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

facebook logoHappy 10th Anniversary to Facebook! The traditional gift would be to give you something aluminum but in recent times that’s changed to diamonds.

Cheaper than a real diamond, but possibly of greater value for your organization, here are 5 do’s and don’t gems on using Facebook to grow your business.

Your gems were originally published on the Plume & Post Blog.


Do use engaging pictures & graphics not just text

Do keep your messages short and sweet

Do share your information that adds value for your audience

Do pay attention to others. Tag, like, comment, & share

Do use links to drive traffic to your website


Don’t be self centered

Don’t flood the news feed

Don’t try to gain attention by making yourself look cool

Don’t fake it – Be authentically you

Don’t ignore the data Facebook collects for your business

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