How to Give Presentation – Part 17 : Three Final Fix-Its on Salvaging Your Speech

Executive Communication Speaker Coach Karen Cortell Reisman sinking shipYour speech sucks. You know it! The audience knows it! BUT – wait... You can salvage your speech. Here’s how. NOTE: “speech” = formal and informal presentations/speeches, or when you’re on a conference call, or chairing a meeting. Practically every time you open your mouth. Your Read more [...]

How to Give a Presentation Part 14 – Rationale for Writing Your Own Introduction

Your "introduction" frames your conversation “How to give a presentation” Tip 14: Rationale for Writing Your Own Introduction Your last two blogs in this series focuses on how and when to answer questions in your speech. Click on Tip 12 and 13 for this info. Now let’s talk about why you want to write your own introduction. You Read more [...]