How to Give a Presentation – Part 8

CREDIBILITY Part Eight: Your Eighth Strategy on How to Give a Presentation “How to give a presentation” Tip 8: Build Your Credibility Blog Tip #6 and #7 discuss how to engage and hook your audience. Today’s blog ties your first chunk of your meeting/presentation/conversation together so that your Read more [...]

How to Give a Presentation – Part 6

If the ship misses the harbor,  it's rarely the harbor's faultPart Six: Your Sixth Strategy on How to Give a Presentation “How to give a presentation” Tip 6: Know Your Audience. Part of engaging your audience (immediately) is figuring out what they want. Either you already know all about your audience or you will need to find out what makes them Read more [...]

Three Savvy Smart Strategies for Success

executive speech coaching Karen Reisman successWhether you speak for a living or you are the CEO of a global real estate company or you’re a lawyer, doctor, fireperson follow Connie Podesta, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame’s model for financial success:  Be GREAT at what you do. Your customer base and audience expect you to be good. Excelling Read more [...]

Monetize Your Mouth — Seven Strategies that Sell YOU.

Karen Cortell Reisman Executive Speech Coach monetize your mouth Describe what you do (at a party, event, wine tasting…) in a SHORT sentence that includes a benefit statement. “I work with you on how to speak for yourself to make more money.” Add metaphors. “Life is a rollercoaster”. Ask questions. Let the other person talk. Give compliments. Tip: Read more [...]