What’s the Most Powerful Word to Get Your Message Heard?

Karen Reisman Public Speaking Coach Pete SessionsYou won’t believe the answer. You will think, “That’s too easy.” Here’s your hint: What’s the least powerful word to get your message across? Answer: “I”. What’s the most powerful word to get your message across? Answer: “YOU”. United States Congressman, Pete Sessions, Read more [...]

How Do You Interview Effectively?

Karen Cortell Reisman Communication Expert Oprah Winfrey photo“How do you get people to open up in interviews?”        Oprah Winfrey replies (in a recent article), “My secret to being in sync with the person is to ask, ‘What do you want to accomplish by the time we finish?’ Then they realize I’m not out to get them.” Really this blog should Read more [...]

Your Voice, Your Business and Your Audience

Karen Cortell Reisman Speaker on Communication green peppersAs the current President of the National Speakers Association, North Texas Chapter, I write a monthly newsletter column. This edition relates to your concerns about really meeting the needs of your listeners. Enjoy! Did you know that Chris Price hates runny egg yolks? He can tolerate a scrambled egg; Read more [...]

Obama vs. Romney – Round One

SFY Karen Cortell Reisman Presidential Debates Image SourceLast week, the Presidential debates proved the importance of having a confident tone. Both candidates arrived at the debates equipped with bold plans, studies to back their claims, and examples to illustrate facts in a relatable way. Neither candidate spent precious time bashing his Read more [...]