Three Principles for Genius Communicating Taught by Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers Karen Cortell Reisman communication expertEven if you didn’t like Joan Rivers and even if you thought her humor was in bad taste, you felt a loss when she died last week. Some said, “I feel like I lost a good friend.” Why? Joan Rivers was a genius at communicating. How? Keep reading.  1. “Can We Talk?” River’s trademark question Read more [...]

Four Superstar Speaker/Leader Qualities Gleaned from an Emmy Award Acceptance Speech

Bryan Cranston executive speech coach Karen Cortell ReismanBryan Cranston gives the best acceptance speech at the 2014 Emmys, according to Entertainment Weekly and Speak For Yourself®. It’s not about his speech mechanics – although excellent. His speech shows us four qualities that will make you a super star speaker and leader. Reason #1: Gratitude Cranston Read more [...]

Karen’s Top 9 Speech Disaster Moments & How You Can Regroup

Karen Cortell Reisman Communication Speaker Dalai LamaSpeaking for myself after running Speak For Yourself® for 20 years, here are my top nine “You Won’t Believe It Happened” speech moments from across the years! You will laugh and you will learn how to regroup and even capitalize on your speech calamities. 9. Dalai Lama walks into the speech Read more [...]

Humor: Use it when you communicate!

imgresSarah Epstein, Speak For Yourself Marketing Guru interviews Karen about the business of humor... Political cartoons are powerful. The cartoonist disarms you with laughter while conveying an important political message. As a presenter, you can similarly utilize humor to engage your audience and Read more [...]