How Do You Get Your Message Heard? Three Ways to Have Sticky Content

Karen Cortell Reisman Communication Speaker and Coach sticky contentHow do you get your message heard in a world of endless information being thrown at you? Here are three ways to have “sticky content” – information that sticks. Use the Power of Three My favorite number is three. If you want your employees, clients, prospects and potential buyers to retain Read more [...]

What’s the Biggest Screw-up You Can Make on Social Media?

Karen Reisman Executive Speech Coach Social Media picLately clients have said, “I’m waiting for a reply email on our project but I see he’s posted an article just now on Linked In.” Or, “She couldn’t attend the Cerebral Palsy Dinner but someone told me she was pictured at a dinner party on that same evening.” One friend said, “I sent Read more [...]