Karen’s Pics as Opening Speaker for American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries

Karen Cortell Reisman President National Speakers Association North TXYour state legislatures run because of the people behind the scenes. This extraordinary group comprises those that are the Keepers of the Process. They are the "airport flight controllers" with all legislation being the "planes".  They create strong states that create a strong nation. Thank you - ASLCS Read more [...]

Three Principles for Genius Communicating Taught by Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers Karen Cortell Reisman communication expertEven if you didn’t like Joan Rivers and even if you thought her humor was in bad taste, you felt a loss when she died last week. Some said, “I feel like I lost a good friend.” Why? Joan Rivers was a genius at communicating. How? Keep reading.  1. “Can We Talk?” River’s trademark question Read more [...]