What’s the Biggest Screw-up You Can Make on Social Media?

Karen Reisman Executive Speech Coach Social Media picLately clients have said, “I’m waiting for a reply email on our project but I see he’s posted an article just now on Linked In.” Or, “She couldn’t attend the Cerebral Palsy Dinner but someone told me she was pictured at a dinner party on that same evening.” One friend said, “I sent Read more [...]

How Do You Present Bad News? What We Can Learn from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Whether you are waiting for your biopsy diagnosis, your third quarter return after a rocky sales’ season, or your controversial NYT book review – you will come to a point in your world where you’re the recipient of bad news. Similarly, whether you’re the doctor sharing bad news, or the CFO Read more [...]

I’ll have a Shirley Temple, please

Shirley Temple drinkThe drink? No, that drink consisting of ginger ale and a splash of grenadine, topped with maraschino cherries tastes too sweet.  The personality? No – the iconic child actress also seems a bit too sweet. The legacy? Yes. Here’s what you can glean from this child star’s journey that Read more [...]

Another GREAT Speak To Win workshop at United Way!

Karen Cortell Reisman United Way 2012 class w Mark PollackThank you, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, for allowing me to work with your Campaign Associates again this year. Your work helps our community. Good luck to my recent graduates of our Speak To Win Workshop! Read more [...]

Allowing customers to tell their story [radio interview – audio]

    Click here to listen to my second recent interview with Jim Blasingame - Allowing customers to tell their story. Read more [...]