How to Give a Presentation Part 18 – Three Tips on How to be Concise

Karen the cowgirlYou KNOW that “less is more”. Verbal vomit will not win the sale. But have you tried to make your case in just six seconds? A Vine Video, using the Vine app, reveals your message via video in only six seconds. Check out some of these videos online. At my recent national convention of Read more [...]

How to Give Presentation – Part 17 : Three Final Fix-Its on Salvaging Your Speech

Executive Communication Speaker Coach Karen Cortell Reisman sinking shipYour speech sucks. You know it! The audience knows it! BUT – wait... You can salvage your speech. Here’s how. NOTE: “speech” = formal and informal presentations/speeches, or when you’re on a conference call, or chairing a meeting. Practically every time you open your mouth. Your Read more [...]